Meet the Maker


A Sand Plum Soul who is turquoise obsessed...

I'm a Sand Plum Soul, I was raised in small town Oklahoma where our land is covered with sand plum bushes; we'd pick buckets of sand plums growing up and my mom would always make sand plum jelly. It's my roots, my family, my soul...a soul who is obsessed with turquoise.

This obsession moved me to start designing. All of my designs are created by me, with the help of my fabulous assistant/daughter, 2 year old Mackie Jane. She's got quite the eye and loves her accessories! Every piece I create is meant to be unique, placed together with my very own two hands. 

My belief is beauty truly comes from inside, your style is simply the expression of your authentic self. I encourage being real, being different and overall happy and confident. 

I can’t express enough, Thank You. Thank you for supporting my small shop and handmade.